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Rick Lange

... moved to Florida in 1987 and started his own business of repairing organs and other musical electronics. The company was called Lange Music Electronics. He soon was doing all the repairs in three counties for most of the organ and keyboard dealers and distributors.

Rick Lange, 2008 in one workshop



2006 in customer's home

Rick soon joined MITA, MUSICAL INSTRUMENT TECHNICIANS ASSOCIATION, a world-wide forum of technicians and attends the yearly MITA seminars.

Knowing that some of these serviced churches needed a new organ, Lange Musical Electronics became South Florida Organ.


Rick Lange 1989

Rick Lange is a member of the local American Guild of Organists (AGO)

and also Vice President of Calusa Musicale.


Kayak fishing at Alexander Springs



Rick Lange has played guitar since he was five years old.